June 13, 2024

What to do after an argument with his lover?

Often we fight for little things!
The test of whether an argument is irrelevant is to try to remember why we quarreled, once the calm returned. It's surprising but often we do not remember! Or we laugh at the motive as it is derisory.

The crisis usually starts with trivial little details: the mister's socks lying around, the chicken that burned because you were hypnotized by "Sex and the City", a mockery about his failed haircut, his remark about your new kid bead ... The list is long!
Do not dwell on these arguments because they are totally normal. They make it possible to clean up the relationship of couple and to make the point from time to time.

A couple without arguments, it does not exist. It's boring, but it's boring to have your darling with you, that's part of your story.love as well! You have to make a reason.
To reconcile after the quarrel
Nothing worse after an argument than to want to come out winners at all costs! There is no loser or winner in love. You are not on a football field!
An argument must allow you to solve a particular problem and to change your couple life in the right direction.

Some tips to come to terms as quickly as possible:
- We remain silent for a while after the quarrel. The best is to postpone the discussion to the next day. Sleep on it!
- We do not hesitate to take the first step and we put his ego aside. Sweetly acknowledge your wrongs ... He will recognize them too; you might even be pleasantly surprised!
- Nothing beats a good reconciliation on the pillow to close this annoying episode, once and for all, and to remind you how much you hold to each other!
When the dispute announces the break ...
Obviously, there are cases of disputes not to be swept aside ... This kind of dispute happens mainly to couples who are already struggling for a while and who do not necessarily admit it. Moreover, it is often those who quarrel the least on a daily basis! They act as if everything were fine, until the day it is the explosion.

At the origin of the clash: the discovery of a lie or a revelation that takes the form of an insurmountable betrayal.
Some great classics: he seriously doubts his feelings, he cheated on you with your best friend or babysitter, he wants to go live abroad without you, he feels more attracted to boys eventually ...

Well it's true that we cry all the tears of his body on the spot, but it is an evil for a good. Your story was already the Titanic, so you have not lost anything. On the contrary, you will be reborn!

Tips for Making Up with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend after a fight. (June 2024)