October 22, 2021

What to do with breadcrumbs in the kitchen?

How to make a homemade bread crumb? First of all, keep all the remains of bread in a dry place, baguette, bread of bread cereals ... Everything is good. Then pass all these remains of bread in the oven, to dry and lightly grill. You can simply place the bread on your plate specially designed for the oven. Then go bread in the blender until having a texture resembling sand (be careful bread crumbs should not be too thin). Then keep it in a jar or a waterproof box.

To make a beautiful breadcrumb on any food, you must bring: flour, eggs and bread crumbs. Put some flour in the first soup plate, in a second plate you can beat two whole eggs and finally in a last deep dish pour a little breadcrumbs. The principle then remains the same, whether you use meat, vegetables or cheese. Place the food in the flour, then in the eggs and finally in the bread crumbs before frying in a hot pan with a little oil.

Recipe ideas based on breadcrumbs:

The fish breaded: it is a classic recipe that appeals to both young and old. Only we often tend to buy sticks of fish all ready while the recipe is very simple.

The white of chicken breaded: you can cut it into small pieces to make sticks. Breadcrumbs can also be seasoned with a little paprika it's delicious!

Breaded pork: you have to take very thin pieces so that they can cook well in the pan despite the bread crumbs.

The cheese breaded: emmental, goat, munster ... the cheese Bread is a real treat.

The breaded cauliflower: ideal to feed children who do not like vegetables, the cauliflower has a different taste and appearance thanks to its breadcrumbs.

Spaghetti with Calabria: it is an Italian recipe that consists of adding breadcrumbs in its spaghetti. Cook your pasta normally and next to it you have to heat in a hot pan the breadcrumbs with a little olive oil, chilli and finally cut garlic. Then pour the mixture on the hot pasta.

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