June 23, 2024

What to eat lunch before and after an effort?

Do sport in the morning, it's not for you. You prefer to enjoy your duvet as long as possible. In the evening, it's complicated too. You usually leave the office late and come home directly to complete the tasks that await you there. The only solution you have found, like many women elsewhere, is to make your lunch break a fitness break. While your colleagues are rushing to the canteen, you go to the pool or the bathroom. sport. But you still have some questions. Should we eat before or after exercise? If we eat before, does not it risk to weigh on the stomach? At the time of digestion, we want more of a nap than chaining the abs. Yes, but if we eat after, are we not going to starve or, worse, faint?

In fact, when we know we are going to sport at noon, we think to prepare his session in the morning. We do not skip breakfast and we include cereals and proteins in our menu. With our tea or our usual coffee, we make for example a bread sandwich with butter and jam, cereals rich in fiber and an egg. We then eat a fruit around 10h / 11h. At noon, we go to our room sport Before the meal. And it is after having sweated that we can finally have lunch. Even if our break does not allow us to stay away for a long time, do not skip lunch, it is very important to recover properly. We sit down at the table and order meat, starchy foods and vegetables to recharge our bodies with protein. We will be ready to face the rest of the day in the office.

* Thanks to Shamsi, coach at Lady Fitness Lyon 3.


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