April 10, 2021

What to give to baby when he has gastroenteritis?

When the stomach and / or intestines of the little wolf are attacked by the wicked gastro, a diet is necessary for baby to gain strength and fight against the evil.
Beware of dehydration! Whatever the age of baby and its feeding (breastfeeding, feeding, spoon), the important thing is to ensure that it drinks to compensate for the loss of fluid and especially avoid the risk of acute dehydration.
If he is breastfed, the mother must offer the breast every 3 hours. Breast milk remains an effective "medicine" against diarrhea and the best remedy for intestinal pain. Since breastmilk is digested very quickly, even if the baby is vomiting or has diarrhea, it will still absorb a certain amount of fluid, nutrients, and antibodies.
If he feeds on a bottle or eats "a big" variety of foods, the doctor will prescribe an oral rehydration solution. He can resume feeding after 12 hours with infant milk bottles (if the diarrhea is moderate) or cow's milk without protein, more digestible (in case of rebellious diarrhea). For toddlers with a more varied diet, in addition to water or solutes rehydration, some foods are preferred.
Take a neat menu with rice or cream of rice, apples, quince and bananas. We prefer vegetable soups. For 4 to 7 days, all dairy products are discarded.
A word of advice: Parents should wash their hands after taking care of their little patient to avoid the risk of contamination. And yes, it would be a pity that they succumb in turn to the gastro. Baby needs them!

What is the best way to care for a child with vomiting and diarrhea? (April 2021)