August 15, 2022

What to prepare for your future baby when you are not manual?

Roundness, what the hell!
Since peas are in fashion, so much to enjoy! Cut out circles of a few centimeters in diameter in beautiful paper: pages of magazines, origami paper, Canson leaves, falling wallpaper ... It's done? Now you can stick them together two by two, by inserting a string between the discs, for a pretty garland that tends to hang!

With a multitude of wool pompons of different sizes and colors, arranged at the end of thin bamboo stems, and a little patience, you will have a very nice mobile. Baby will love to look at him from his bed or changing table: he is very sensitive to moving shapes, especially when they are red.

And the transfer papers?
With transfer paper, it's really easy to customize any textile. Buy lots of standard white bodysuits, then choose a nice pattern (cartoon hero, child's first name, or simple geometric shapes). Print, plug in your iron, transfer ... admire!

You can also transfer photos of your family members to squares of white fabric with notched edges that will become pages of a small book for baby. This one will adore to look at the faces, and will thus become familiar with loved ones little by little.

Felt with mischief
Have you thought about the felt, this inexpensive stuff, with vibrant colors, and no hem? It makes it possible to create soft cubes, by sewing in big points six squares of varied colors stuffed with synthetic fiber.

And on self-adhesive felt, it is easy to postpone simple shapes such as clouds and raindrops, sun, moon, star ... Cut out, stick on thick cardboard, and fix on the wall with a little adhesive paste. A quick and easy way to decorate a wall!

The most important thing is to trust each other and, in case of a breakdown of inspiration, go for a snoop on the net. Many sites offer DIY ("do it yourself", "do it yourself"). Here are some addresses in French:, //, Good creativity to you!

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