June 23, 2024

What underwear for women with generous shapes?

A motto: to be comfortable
When you have shapes, it is essential to choose from lingerie adapted to its morphology. By opting for underwear too small or too big, the body is not highlighted, it can even be painful. For example, if maintaining your bra is not enough, your back can suffer. You take tight tights and feel uncomfortable all day long. It is therefore important to know his body to choose his underwear. Our advices.
To choose the right tights, you have to consider its size and weight. Remember, each brand is different, we must respect its specificities. They are usually indicated on the back of the sticky box.
Our heart stroke to be comfortable : the sticky DIM Generous. The new DIM Generous tights perfectly fit the shapes without compressing the stomach and thighs. Its exceptional ultra-extensible lycra fiber allows to be well in her everyday tights.
Available in two opaque and transparent colors. From size M to XXL.
A generous bosom?
To put its generous breast in value, it is better to opt for a bra covering the top of the neckline. Also choose a model with frames whose top of the cap extends to the strap. Look closely at the width of the straps. Too thin, they will keep your chest tight, too wide, they could reverse your cleavage. These elements are essential to remember to give a perfect fit to your chest.

Hide too wide hips
To hide hips a bit wide, opt for a cut shorty. By choosing a low waist model, it will not mark your hips and will not bring out the few curves.
The must-have pieces this year
We note a great return of the high and covering panties ideal to sculpt the silhouette and erase the few curves. To accentuate the glamorous side of this very fifties piece, the brands do not hesitate to play with the ultra-feminine by adding veil effects, lace insets, stitching games, transparency and satin. In addition, the materials change. The sheath is the flagship material of the season. Big return also more sophisticated and seductive corseted dress bottoms.

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