December 9, 2019

When Jean-Paul Gaultier dresses a bottle of champagne ...

Guess which word Jean paul Gaultier backstage just before launching his models on the podium for their first visit? "Champagne !", naturally ... It is not surprising that the designer was contacted by the house Piper-Heidsieck in 1999 to imagine a dress of light for a bottle of ... Champagne exactly. The result ? A red vinyl corset simply, to highlight the advantageous curves of the bottle.

Adepts new and bold creations, it was enough for that Jean paul Gaultier agrees to take up the challenge again in 2011 by imagining the dressing of the vintage of Champagne crude Piper-Heidsieck.

The Piper-Heidsieck creation of Jean paul Gaultier version 2011 is an ode to seduction and a retro image that Paris transports around the world. The bottle of Champagne is indeed dressed in fishnet and latex, materials dear to the creator, all in reference to "seductive side of the Parisian woman, Paris canaille, Paris cancan ..."This sexy envelope is punctuated by a red wolf to add to this vintage of Champagne a part of mystery and passion. Irresistible, simply.


Cuvée brut Piper-Heidsieck dressed by Jean paul Gaultier.

About 200 euros to Nikki Beach and the White House in Paris.

Champagne And Tributes Flow At Jean Paul Gaultier Farewell (December 2019).