June 23, 2024

When the sun is sewn

What's more elegant than a woman brandishing a lipstick from her purse? Faced with increasingly fierce competition between the major players in beauty, brands compete for luxury and sophistication for packaging.

Best example of this trend, home Guerlain, "Inventor" of the Terracotta, a powder of sun become cult and which is declined today in multiple hues, in order to answer the needs of all the skin tones .... Last born, the powder customized by Pucci, iron of launches Italian fashion, which offers a limited edition bronzing powder so chic that we almost hesitate to use it ...

Siglée, the sun powder from the Croisette collection by Christian Dior is nestled in a silver box that repends the quilting of the Lady bag Dior. Luxury still for Cruise Powder Givenchy with delicate coppery reflections.

The good gesture beauty: rather than make the lizard in the sun, prefer to apply a clue 30 on the sun but enhance your good looks with one of these powders of sun. Apliquez with a large brush, on the entire face, after tapping your face with a Kleenex to prevent the residue of moisturizer does not interfere with the application.

Our haute couture selection
Powder Guerlain Pucci: 68 euros
Powder Dior : 52 euros
Powder Givenchy : 45 euros

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