June 6, 2020

Where does the feeling of heavy legs come from?

The heat

When temperatures are too high, mechanisms are put in place to cool your body. The veins dilate then, decrease their contraction and the blood supposed to circulate stagnates. This is when the heavy leg syndrome or venous insufficiency appears.

The genetic factor

The heavy legs phenomenon is easily transmitted from mother to daughter. Studies have shown that a child has a 50% risk of suffering from this disease if one of his parents is also affected.

Standing position

You may have a job where you have to stay up very long. Know that this position favors heavy legs. It's the same if you have to sit the day. In both cases, the appearance of varicose veins was more frequent.


Pregnancy but also the pill or hormonal problems can be accompanied by the following symptoms: pain in the legs and calves, sensations of swelling, varicose veins ...


Excess weight makes it more difficult for the body to cool in the face of heat and therefore the work of irrigating the venous tissue is more important. Nevertheless often the venous activity is not sufficient to avoid heavy legs. Overweight therefore appears as a risk factor.

The age

Even though age is not inevitable, older people are more likely to have heavy legs (or venous ulcers). The reason: the lack of activity. This is why daily walking remains essential.

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