May 28, 2024

Which color palette to choose according to his eyes?

1era rule: when it comes to eyeshadow, it is better to avoid mixing warm shades and cool shades. If you want to make possible color gradients, preferably use the same color family. So we avoid using blue and orange at the same time for example.
2th rule: it's better to avoid the tone-on-tone, that is to say do not make up the eyes blue with blush and so on. The eyes chestnuts are the only ones that derogate from this almost immutable rule.


The eyes blue: yellow is the complementary color of blue, it is a warm shade that will soften blue eyes and bring out. So we put on golden hues, copper, saffron, even peach ... To intensify the look and densify the makeup browns-chocolates perfectly complement the blue. Cooler shades like gray or even black are also marrying wonderfully with eyes blue.

The eyes green: opt for warm colors, such as orange, copper, brown, gold. These are usually very natural colors, the result will be soft and goes everywhere, these colors embellish the look without being too showy. This makeup therefore applies ideally to everyday to get to work for example. On the contrary, to intensify the green of eyesit will be necessary to use a cold shade like violet. This color is complementary to the green, it will then have the effect of bringing out the look. The result will be less natural. We can use all the purple derivatives (plum, mauve ...) in order to highlight the eyes green. This makeup is ideal to make in the evening.

The eyes hazelnuts or chestnuts: these are the only colors that can afford all the eccentricities in eyeshadow. The only rule is not to mix warm and cold colors, at the risk of breaking the harmony of the final result. The eyes Hazelnuts or chestnuts can be adorned with a gradient of chocolate or gold. It is also the only color where blue or green hues do not look too coarse.


How to Choose a Color Palette (May 2024)