March 29, 2020

Which contraception to choose after the birth of baby?

Local methods
Whether for those who are breastfeeding or those who do not, immediately after delivery, local methods are preferred. It is therefore better to prefer spermicides, female or male condoms, since they are good means of contraception if the indications are well respected.

Hormonal contraceptives and the IUD
For those who are breastfeeding, it is better to avoid pills, rings or implants, at first, since everything that is swallowed is likely to pass into the milk. It will be better to choose another method. In some cases, especially if breastfeeding is not exclusive, some methods can be resumed after three or four weeks after delivery, namely the progestin-only pill or the implant.

For those who do not breastfeed, the methods may be to consider but it is better to wait for the return of diaper, namely six to eight weeks after delivery. Indeed, before the return of menses, the blood tends to coagulate more easily which can lead to some of the important risks. As for the intrauterine device, better known as an IUD, whether copper or hormonal, it is advisable to wait several weeks between delivery and its installation. When placed too early, before the uterus has returned to normal size, the IUD may be expelled.

Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about choosing the most appropriate method for your new lifestyle. mum because the best contraception remains the one we choose!

Female Birth Control Options | Family Planning (March 2020)