July 12, 2024

Which kitchen knife for which use?

Un knife for peeling It must be very practical, light and provided with a solid tip.
A knife for carpaccios : get one knife ham, which allows you to make very thin slices of meat, fish, Saint-Jacques thanks to the great flexibility and finesse of its blade.
A knife for vegetables his sharpness must be smooth and his point solid, like the knife to peel. For juliennes, opt for a model specific to this preparation: in this case, the blade has teeth and can give shapes to vegetables cut.
A knife for all the little pieces in your preparations ... Look no further: a good knife universal is used for small daily operations!
A knife for bread : It is necessary that your knife have teeth. Generally, you can also use it to slice pies or meat braised. And the cheese that goes with it? He has his knife dedicated.
For meat : Buy a good one knife steak, which allows you to slice meat. For the boning part, a knife special exists. Its blade is curved.
A knife for the fish : Choose a model with a flexible, narrow blade to lift your nets. For sushi, you can try a ceramic model! The Japanese Chefs love it. Oysters require an oyster lancet, which allows them to be easily opened.

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