November 28, 2022

Which perfume to choose at 20?

Who is the 20 year old woman?

Above all, she is a young woman. The high school years will have been marked by perfumes cheap or any scent offered at a birthday. There were also those few pell-mell samples that dragged to the bottom of the bag to hide the smells of cigarettes ...
The girl of 20, is in transformation, the life smiles to him and she jubilates to bite it with teeth. The consumer society opens her arms and she rushes headlong attracted by the brands "so fashion" with headliners terribly "in". The 20-year-old is both a daring, a touch to everything insatiable and a daring.
What scent?

Even an adventurous girl, the 20-year-old remains generally attracted exclusively by scents with light notes, tart, even gourmet. She did not completely draw a line on her childhood so close and loves Citrus citrus compositions made of citrus fruits such as lemon, mandarin or bergamot. These ingredients also bring a good touch of vitality and tone, specific to his age. In the background, we find the famous musk, this sweetness that feels "so good baby". These greedy and sweet notes will be complemented by floral touches, which the future woman will be addicted: rose, a light jasmine, and even lily of the valley.
So that the scents remain light, the girl must turn more easily to the waters of toilet. A simple "pschitt" of water of perfume on the hair or clothing is enough to offer an olfactory wake without it being heady.
our selection
Lulu C from Lulu Castagnette: we find the fruity touch with blueberry and grapefruit, but the true gourmet note blooms on the frangipani and vanilla.
Azure blue, Young water: like a fang in a tart apple, this perfume reveals its acidic and fruity juices before releasing petals of jasmine and hibiscus flower. A playful and dynamic fragrance.
Guess Woman, Guess
The target is young, dynamic, and bold. The cool and trendy fragrance resembles its simple and futuristic bottle. The young woman discovers her femininity: Hot, Cool and Sexy.

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