June 5, 2020

White Chinon, white wine from the Loire Valley

Wine region: Loire - Touraine
Designation of origin: Chinon Blanc
Cultivated land has a great influence on the quality of a wine. The 18 communes of Chinon are spread on hillsides and limestone mounds, plateaus and mounds of clay and some valleys with sandy-gravelly soil.

We recommend the white Chinon Les Roches, by Alain and Guy Lenoir, produced in Bourg d'Avoine:
Chenin grape, this wine has sharpness and race. Its nose is deeply mineral, with a bouquet wall and ample. The palate is structured and powerful.
Vintage to privilege: Wine of guard, it expresses all its potential with the years.
Indicated price : 15? about
The good agreement: Fish with flesh, mushrooms and white meats.

2016 Domaine Franck Millet Sancerre Loire Valley France Sauvignon Blanc White Wine (June 2020)