December 10, 2023

Who are the best TV presenters?

No suit no salvation, no tie no credibility? On TV, the habit makes the monk and the tie the serious journalist. Condemned to remain men trunks, the presenters of JT have the neck tie and the forced jacket. For women, everything is allowed or almost: the waders for Claire Chazal, the leather for Laurence Ferrari and even the jeans!

And if media journalists like to gloss over the new hairstyle of Laurence Ferrari, the waders of Claire Chazal or the jeans of Claire Barsacq, we have never seen the press debate for or against the sweater in V of Harry Roselmack , for or against the black man's uniform Thierry Ardisson.
And yet, since the generation of Jean-Pierre Foucault and other Michel Drucker, water has flowed under the bridges. thanks to Harry Roselmack (harry !!!!), Laurent Delahousse, Nikos and their little brothers who go up on TNT channels: Julian Bugier of Itélé (as pleasant to watch as it is interesting to listen to), Christophe Beaugrand (our 50-minute-inside Mr. People and his shirt worn casually over the trousers ).

Because this generation full of future and charm has nothing to envy to its female friends. Yet, style aside, with a few exceptions, there is still work. Embroidered in their suit tie Michel Denisot and consors deserve to loosen the tie. Harry Roselmack in jeans sitting on his desk at 20h, fanstasme for the housewife - 50 years? Possible...
Fortunately, in this slew of dark suits and dull ties, some stand out:
Ariel Wizman, the chic Dandy
Dj, TV host, writer, Ariel Wizman has more than one string to his bow, and more of a suit in his dressing room. On the small screen, Ariel makes his showroom. Devilish conventions, he does not hesitate to release a flashy jacket, to mix styles and colors. Slim jeans, cardigan, hyper-fitted jacket, men's tank top, patterned shirts ... it also cracks for accessories of all kinds: rings, bracelets, chains. Ariel does not hesitate to go out sometimes the head cover. Beret, cap or hat: a dandy image for a leader who does not have a big head! It must be said that to dare to mix the Scottish shirt and the butterfly knot ... Ariel is afraid of nothing, especially not ridiculous. Perhaps the result of a booming Radio Nova career at nightclubs. Sometimes a little too much, it is still a sacred trend finder by breaking the dress codes imposed on men of the small screen.

Thierry Ardisson, the man in black
As stainless as his black suit, Thierry Ardisson walks its silhouette from baths showers to talk show trays for two decades. And if he made emulates with his little brothers of the PAF Philippe Vandel, and Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Thierry has deposited the copyright to the INPI!

The V-sweater
If his last show has quickly joined the archives of the INA, we will remember the pink sweater of Julien Courbet in Maximum Service. Yesii that of the pub, the little V-sweater son ideal, unforgettable ...
If the presenter of JT can not afford to read a teleprompter without his tie, the columnist has the privilege to drop the tie in favor of the V-pull. See the generation of Matthieu Delormeau, Christophe Beaugrand .... They are beautiful they are young, they are brilliant ... they make dream the housewife of - 50 years! Their weapon of seduction fatal, the sweater in V, worn on the skin ... on a muscular torso. Do not throw it away! We dream of tearing off their clothes.

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