April 19, 2024

Who are the Don Juan women?

Singles and allergies to conventions

If these serial-loveuses with impressive men's record disturb, it is primarily because they claim loud and clear their desire not to fit into the mold, in an established system. Whether they are twenty or fifty, they refuse the shackles, the tidying up, which rhymes with their ears with confinement. " I can not stand the thought of always facing the same person when I put the key in the lock to go home, or to report to him my day "Says Mathilde, 32 years old"I find it oppressive. I'm having a lot more fun while chaining conquests ».


A hedonistic quest, not to be confused with nymphomania

But what enamels our Casanova in heels is also the opportunity to explore the full range of possibilities that sex can offer. An aspiration all the stronger and exciting, even trangressive, among those who were raised in puritan families, where everything that was related to the flesh was taboo. But beware not to take them for drug addicts: this is for them envy and not the pathological necessity. "I can very well do without sex for several months when I am very invested in one of my professional records. But then I catch up ... Says Milla, 29.


The drag, a sporting challenge like the others

In a society that values ​​performance in all areas, some are considering dredge as a competition, in which we do not experience a more exhilarating sensation than that which one experiences when one reaches one's target. "My best friend and I are both coming out of a complicated story. So, we decided to empty our heads ... We go out a lot. And we decided that whoever would have the best hunting board at the end of the month would be invited to the restaurant by the other ", Says Valérie, 25 years old. Prey that loses almost all their interest once they are ironed and conquered!


A need to be recognized and loved

Finally, some of our love warriors have become so because they are convinced that they have found the only way to forge a positive social identity, to stand out. This "I like it so I exist Will often meet in people who have been perpetually underestimated and criticized during childhood. The ex-good for nothing turn into bulldozers who can not resist!

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