June 9, 2023

Who dresses politics: Christine Lagarde, ambassador of French chic

An iron fist in a velvet glove ... former Minister of Economy, Christine Lagarde, 55, is about to return to the USA, a country she knows well, for having run one of the largest law firms of big apple.

In Washington, Christine Lagarde will have the difficult task of representing France, but above all to watch over the right balance of economic forces. In this world of white-collar workers, Christine Lagarde cultivates a sober and chic style: pants suits or skirts suits, a stole on the shoulder for the touch of color, Christine Lagarde succeeds the feat of imposing itself in a world of men, without sacrificing its femininity.

Like Roselyne Bachelot, Christine Lagarde do not say no to a pastel-colored tailor but most often she chooses black and white.

Pavement of his kitten heels Louboutin (4 cm of heels, enough to walk on the paving stones of the Elysée's steps), Ms. Lagarde recently confided to the Tribune be a fine fashion observer:

"I love fashion, it's a French jewel, my mother was an outstanding seamstress (...) She gave me a sense of elegance with quite a few means, which is quite typical Parisian, as it is romantically imagined outside. "

His favorite brands

Hermes, Chanel, Louboutin, the former Minister of Economy knows the jewels of French luxury .... Like the wife of the president, who was recently wearing a dress Chanel in Deauville, Christine Lagarde very much appreciates the big names in sewing.

The accessories

Pearl necklace, earrings and Kelly bag ... Christine Lagarde heals her look with small touches ...

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