November 30, 2021

Why are we faithful to our perfume?

Ah the tastes and the colors, that can not be explained. Especially when it comes to perfume. Some people will be attracted by woody notes, others floral. It is not uncommon, moreover, that your mother orders you, each year, the same fragrance. And that you answer him: "you do not want to change for once?" Well, know that this fidelity, to a perfume, to a sense. "In general, we tend to prefer the smells we are familiar with, but we will be wary of the smells we have ever felt," says Jean-Michel Duriez, Nose of Maison Rochas. . "In the field of smell, the first contact does not go through consciousness but through an instinctive reaction".

But then, are we destined to be attracted all our life by the same perfume ? Yes and no. Yes, because we like what is reassuring. But no, because we evolve with age. Not, because it is part of the collective consciousness, that we must love this or that smell at this age, but because our tastes evolve over time. "With experience, you discover new smells, you end up getting used to them, until you become familiar with them," says the Nose of Maison Rochas.

And that's part of our culture. In France, by habits, women tend to be attracted by floral notes, men by woody notes. "While in the Middle East," the smells are more unisex, "says Jean-Michel Duriez." Men will be as attracted to the rose as women ".

You will understand, our tastes in terms of perfume are therefore "dictated" by our culture and our education. Free to everyone to try new olfactory experiences ...

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