May 28, 2024

Why do our hair become white?

Oops! A white hair! Before you rush on your tweezers to snatch this number 1 enemy hair, first discover the exclusive results of a study that explains the reason for hair white.

According to the research of European scientists, published on the website of the FASEB Journa, we gray for a simple reason: the heavy accumulation of hydrogen peroxide would make the hair following the wear and tear of our hair follicles, those small skin elements that produce the hair and hair. Hydrogen peroxide would suppress the usual synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment of hair.

"All cells of hair produce a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, but as people get older, this amount increases. The pigment is then discolored from the inside, and the hair gray and whiten, " explains Gerald Weissman, editor-in-chief of FASEB Journal.

Several enzymes gradually disappear with age, which causes the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. These enzymes include catalase, MSR A and B on hair follicles. This reaction disrupts the creation of another enzyme, tyrosinase, which produces melanin. And melanin determines the color of hair but also that of the eyes and the skin.


Also know that once the hair grows gray or white, you can wax it, it will grow the same shade since the process is started! Rest assured, hair pepper and salt have their charm, and if you accept them only moderately or if you think they arrive too early in your hair, there are now hair colorings completely natural finish that perfectly cover the hair white.

Why Does Your Hair Turn Gray? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS (May 2024)