January 31, 2023

Why does English cuisine have a bad reputation?

The recipe that alone represents this bad reputation is undoubtedly the "jelly". This transparent gel with flashy colors and sweet taste is the pride of the English. Until then, nothing very traumatic. If only the jelly is served in sweet verrines, for dessert, but also ... dish principal, accompanying a meat and vegetables. And to be honest, this alliance is not of the best taste.

Doubtful alliances ...
The English breakfast, so tasty, can also surprise more than one Frenchman. For if it is composed of a hot tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, toasts accompanied by a knob of butter, jams, marmalade and scones, the traditional English breakfast is also available. with beans, sausages, tomatoes or mushrooms. So inevitably, if you can only swallow a coffee in the morning, this can again, give you a high-heart.

Did you say "fat"?
The other argument that undermines the reputation of British cuisine is the high-fat use of fat and especially cooking oil. Moreover, the English have fun themselves of their traditional fish & chips, this dish takeaway consisting of fried fish and fries. To hear them, the paper that surrounds it is much better than what it encloses. That is to say !

A false reputation
Even if we like to make fun of the British gastronomy, it is nevertheless delicious. And far from stereotypes, it is far from being the worst. This reputation comes from the fact that our palate is just not used to tasting certain flavor mixtures. After this little blockage, Britain reveals what is best.
Indeed, despite alliances sometimes surprising, the English breakfast is absolutely divine with its scones, whipped cream, jams, eggs on the table. dish to taste with toasts. Let it be said, this is surely the best breakfast in the world. By the way, brunch is simply a derivative of this breakfast.
As for fish & chips, many French people love it. This specialty is also offered in Paris in different restaurants.

A tasty traditional meal
The meal typical English is also tasty. It is often composed of meat and vegetables like the famous rosbeef or chicken pie, a pie made from chicken. For dessert, an apple pie will be served or a traditional pudding. As for drinks, you will be entitled to beer or water. And to cool off during the day, you can enjoy a delicious smoothie.

As you can see, the bad reputation of British cuisine is therefore not justified. Even if the clichés have a hard life, English gastronomy has indeed metamorphosed. Britain can proudly welcome today many star chefs. Among them are Alain Ducasse and Hélène Darroze. Proof if it is necessary that the UK gastronomy has indeed changed!

Is British Food Really That Bad? (January 2023)