May 28, 2024

Why is brushing your baby's teeth important?

Although it is generally advisable to start brushing the baby teeth as soon as they appear, there is nothing to prevent the habit of a good baby from becoming part of baby's life as soon as possible. hygiene of his little teeth.

From the age of 4 months, babies often start having annoying genes of the first tooth thrust. Massaging their gums with a clean finger or a cloth soaked in saline activates the blood circulation and softens the flesh. You can also, when you see a tooth close to piercing, often from the age of 6 months, brush the gums with a very soft toothbrush, special for babies.

Your routine before bedtime often includes eating, bathing and then a story or song. Why not integrate toothbrushing into this routine? Children love to imitate their parents. So do not hesitate to show him by exaggerating the gestures how you go about it and baby will have every chance to want to imitate you!

The toothpaste you put on the toothbrush is a special toothpaste toothpaste. It contains fluoride and if your child does not know how to spit, he will swallow some toothpaste! This presents no risk. However, it is best to teach your child to spit it out.

The baby teeth prepare the coming of the definitive teeth. They pierce the gums, create the place and good teeth of milk help considerably to have good teeth definitive, so useful to eat, to articulate the sounds and to embellish the smile!

Our advice
Brushing is part of education. The earlier you start, the more natural your child will find to brush their teeth and preserve a good hygiene in his mouth.

Brushing Your Child's Teeth - Boys Town Pediatrics (May 2024)