June 23, 2021

Why is the price of tea soaring?

Poor harvests in producing countries
Major tea producing countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey and Kenya, have experienced difficult weather conditions, which has significantly limited tea cultivation. Rains rare or conversely a monsoon too violent, brutal frosts on crops or a very dry climate: the few producing countries have all experienced major difficulties. But they alone represent more than 75% of the world tea culture!
For example, the black tea produced in Kenya has seen its production volume decrease by more than 15,000 tonnes ... to offset these losses, prices have soared!

Meanwhile, global consumption is increasing ...
And yes, tea is not just a passing fad, as world consumption is growing by more than 5% a year! It reaches the 4 million tons each year, while at the same time, producing countries are seeing their crops threatened by bad weather and climatic hazards ...

Different reactions in different countries
While some traditionally tea-loving states have managed to limit the damage by setting up reserves in advance, others, such as France, have not anticipated this rise in prices. Our British friends have not given up their "tea-time", since like other large-scale importing countries, precious reserves have been organized!

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