April 10, 2021

Willow Smith: What's this hairstyle?

Willow, I'll tell your mum: stop playing with your hair ! The young Willow Smith is known by her parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, it sure helps to start a career, but she is more and more known and loved by children of her age for her trendy clips and looks crazy.

The baby too looké once again thwarted the dress codes and hair with this new look hairstyle hyper flashy! It would almost hurt the eyes. Neon yellow and green tresses springs in places from its long hair, little Smith is only at the beginning of his looks hairstyle lights! What we can not blame him is to miss the trends, because Willow Smith ahead of them and already promotes the fluo of summer!

And like the little Suri Cruise who wears heels, Willow Smith has makeup: on the mustards, the yellow is not so visible that, but especially what strikes us is the sweet pink gloss the girl who is already making herself up like a woman!

"What are the parents doing ?" you will ask yourself. The actors leave a carte blanche to their daughter, in any case it is the impression we keep ...

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The Evolution of Willow Smith (April 2021)