August 16, 2022

Winning duet

A duo mascara that makes huge eyelashes ... not bad! The first "scanner" brush untangles and separates the lashes to give them a little discipline. The second, in spiral, deposits the material and the color while filling the eyelashes.
These two complementary brushes promise eyelashes close to perfection and a divine look!
Our opinion: Although not used to apply a base before mascara I found this mascara very easy to apply. The application of both textures causes a volume effect without packets and long-lasting. I appreciate the long-lasting outfit! because I have big eyes with dark circles, I tested many mascaras leaving traces at the end of the day and turning into a zombie at night. I also found that cleansing was easy.

Volume Shocking L'Oreal Paris 16.99? //

Goencho Avaz 2016 Award winning duet (August 2022)