October 27, 2021

Winter fashion: what to wear in cold weather?

How to stay stylish in the cold? A mission almost impossible that the thermometer barely exceeds the line of zeroes degrees, that has the red nose and eyes misted with cold. If Mariah Carey and her friends invest Gstaad with their Louis Vuitton trunks and their high heels ... to be honest and especially to have warm, an off-dry plan is required!

Tip # 1: the socks!
Not red and yellow and peas, but thick woolen socks and shoes with a good insole that insulate from the cold. The stiletto and toes in the air will wait for spring!

Tip # 2 the choice of materials
Wool, cashmere, silk ... natural and warm materials! With a sweater cashmereit is not necessary to multiply layers of clothing. If you wear other materials, think about diapers! So you will be isolated from the cold by several layers of clothing. Among the materials to avoid, cotton that does not evacuate perspiration.

Tip # 3 protect the ends
Gloves and hats will be the best friends of your winter! You will also avoid the angels and the unpleasant feeling of having the "dead fingers"

Tip # 4: A scarf
If you do not have a hood or a hood, think of a scarf, for example, in a big knit, very stylish.

Tip # 5: The Damart!
Good news, the new generation Damart has arrived! Hot and fashion, it will accompany you all winter and in all discretion.

Tip # 6: the down jacket
It was thought to be old-fashioned, but revisited by Moncler or Pyrenex, the puffy jacket offers itself a second youth. Light and comfortable, it will be our ally on the ski slopes and on the frozen bitumen of the cities.

Tip # 7: Furry boots
You have not yet succumbed to Uggs fashion? Even if you do not crack on the style "legs of yeti", they are ultra hot and comfortable ...

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COLD WINTER OUTFITS | how to layer for freezing cold (October 2021)