October 5, 2022

Winter holidays: find moments at two

The sunsets on the Mont-Blanc, a snowshoeing in the Deux Alpes ... it leaves dreamer, right? And although your wish becomes reality. If you go in family, know how to spare moments with your children but also with your other half. So, if your stay lasts about a week, on the six nights spent there, try at least to give yourself two one-on-one. Treat yourself to a babysitter for the evening and go out.


Here are our proposals:

1-The restaurant: be it the one of the hotel or of a restaurant of the station of which you have been praised the merits, do not hesitate to share a fondue, a raclette or other typical mountain dish . Eyes in the eyes, in the light of a candle or in front of a fireplace whose crackling fire, the dinner will be all the more romantic.

2-The spa When making your reservation, choose hotels with a spa. More and more of them are offering these wellness services. Whirlpools, sauna, hammam or duo massages, you'll be spoiled for choice!

3- The activity: snowshoeing, sleigh rides, night descent are all walks you can do in love. If in addition, you have the possibility of having your children look after a whole night, be crazy and treat yourself to a night in a shelter lost among conifers. Homecoming guaranteed!

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