October 5, 2022

Winter make-up colors: Bobbi Brown's fir green

The style

Nature inspires this look with the density of this green fir tree, a warm and dark hue, which contrasts with the pop of this summer. We imagine Scottish Highlands to invent a classic and dense structure at a time. Like a hunting party return, one wears the Scottish uniform, straight lines, noble materials. The makeup must be both nude for its discretion and gently tinted for its sophistication. Everything is then played in the intensity of the look on a natural complexion.
We particularly like: this ultra-dark green that plays with golden pigments to enhance the look.

We notice the importance of working on details that we omit more commonly. Thus, the eyebrows benefit from a preferential treatment with a rounded line, dark earth color and quite thick. The lips are both discrete and fleshy: work in outline especially of the lower part then a creamy base and a glossy suspicion which brings a touch of light without overloading.

Finally, the look is all the originality of this look: the Ivy League collection is based on the famous eyeliner pencils. Easy and error free, they can be handled in a subtle or more marked way with a single gesture. So, we just dose playing with the gradients uni colore. First, apply a thick line on the entire eyelid without exceeding the hollow and with the tip is stretching the material outwards. A slight return on the lower eyelid and the turn is also simply played! To fine-tune, an orange-copper blush is spread out with a broad beveled brush slightly below the frame to structure the face.
The flagship products

  • Eye liner Forest Shimmer Link
  • Creamy eye pencil charcoal
  • Coral lipstick pink dusty nude
  • Autumn Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

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