April 17, 2024

Winter sales 2013 have already begun ...

Each month, the official website of the French administration Service-public.fr reveals the calendar of events not to be missed. And what we should not forget today is obviously the beginning of sales but only in five departments. As a reminder, each year, the dates of the good business period are fixed and last 5 weeks in winter and 5 weeks in summer. In principle, they start the second Wednesday of January at 8am and end on Tuesday 13th February. Little exception this year in five regions.

Indeed, the inhabitants of the Meurthe-et-Moselle, the Meuse, the Moselle, the Vosges, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques but also Guyana could take a step ahead of the rest of the metropolis and thus take advantage of bargains as soon as the shops open. Even if the crisis should be felt on the budget sales Consumers, the goal remains the same: find rare pearls at attractive prices and fill his wardrobe or just have fun.

Patience for the rest of the hexagon. In a week, all French can after these 5 departments embark on the race for bargains.