March 7, 2021

Winter sports: 4 sports in fashion

Ski joëring, go, saddle!

This Scandinavian expression which meansski leaflet? For a very long time, it was a very ingenious way for farmers to get around. Today it has become a real sport, presented in demonstration at the Olympic Games of 1928. Who would have thought it? The ski joëring was born of a particularly original alliance between ski and the equestrian team. The concept: a horse or a pony, well trained please, pull the skier directly connected to the animal by a harness. The ski joëring is practiced on packed snow or on sites specially adapted for this purpose. sport. No need to be an ace of tracks to start, this sport asks only to be comfortable on his skis and above all to have great confidence in the animal. The horses are also trained to obey the sound of the voice, great no?

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Snowkiting, thrills!
Those who love adrenaline rushes will love snowkiting! We can indeed reach a vertiginous speed, nearly 70 km / hour with this sport, depending on the speed of the wind because here are the natural elements that will carry you. The originality of this sport lies in the use of a kite to tow the skier. There are two versions of snowkiting, one practiced with skis, the other with a snowboard. If this is the first time you climb on skisit's better to try something softer to start, because the wind can at first glance be quite impressive. Wearing a helmet, as well as clothing skis is of course paramount. You will die of impatience to try this new sport ? Different types of training courses are available to you, an introductory course, a sensational course (we play on various terrains) and a passion training course in which you will test your first jumps!

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Snowkball, we ski as a team!
If you want to put a little spice in the downhill, the snowball is for you! Born a few years ago from the overflowing imagination of four young people, snowkball, first sport track collective, is a kind of snow rugby. The principle: two teams of four players compete on a track defined in the snow by stakes, the objective being to flatten the ball (specially designed for the game) in the opposite camp. Once at the bottom of the track, the round is over and it's off for another until a team wins three rounds. Obviously, the speed of the game implies that players have a level of ski confirmed, beginner abstain so for now. Equipment side, the snowkball is practiced with snwoblades, small skis about 90 cm, a helmet and of course a suit.

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Snowshoes, a real fitness
Did you think old-fashioned rackets? False! They are making their comeback this winter and with their new ultra modern design, we're dying to put it back! For those who do not know this ancestral practice, the concept is simple: you hang snowshoes on your shoes to progress in the snow. Choose from: short snowshoes, small and light for short distances, recreational snowshoes, a little wider for moderate walks up to 8 kilometers or even mountaineering snowshoes for those who would like to try out steep slopes. The choice of the most suitable racket is also made according to the weight: the more a person weighs heavy and the racket must be wide. Other essential accessories: sticks skis and hiking shoes. This activity is both excellent for burning calories and finding a fine and toned silhouette. In addition, the risk of falling is significantly lower than with skis, ideal for those that the slopes would make shiver.
Snowshoeing can be practiced everywhere in France, the key is to choose the right equipment, ask your seller for advice.

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