October 27, 2021

Winter sports: 5 tips to manage your children on the slopes (and outside)!

Empower them
Before you leave, start to involve your children and to make them feel empowered by telling them, for example, that it is very important to warm up to avoid bending your ankle or breaking a foot. While pretending to be very serious, set up a sort of ritual and game to "repeat" your skiing experience, so that it runs as smoothly as possible. Once there, ask everyone to play their role well, both on the tracks (reminder of safety instructions), the cottage (participation in household chores). They will love. (Emmanuel, 4 children from 8 to 15 years old)

Occupy them
When a child Bored, most often it bores you back! So to avoid too much downtime and whining like "mamaaan, I do not know what to do! », The best is to always have something nice and interesting to propose to them: visit of the dairy or the farm at the time of the milking of the cows, polo competition to see the horses (the children ado pets), walk to the village market to taste the specialties of the region ... like that, they grow, make great memories and everyone has a good time. (Emilie, 2 children from 3 to 6 years old)

Exhaust them
Let it be said: a child tired is a child quickly lying down! So nothing is too expensive, too beautiful or too crazy to let off steam: ski lessons, pony rides or dog sledding, snowshoeing, maxi sledging, tournaments, climbing, trampoline ... the main thing is that they spend themselves! In the evening, they will not even make a fuss to go to bed and with a little luck you'll even get a good morning! (Laura, a 9 year old son)

To get rid of !
A childit can be exhausting when it overflows really too much energy. So for parents of hyperactive, hypercurious or hyperbavard, there is the solution: the villages ofchildren and other activity clubs specially designed for children under 13! Not that we take them to the mountains for protection, but sometimes we also need to breathe and breathe just half a day. And finally, far from parents and surrounded by new friends, they often ask only one thing: go back! (Agnès, a 7 year old girl)

Sing them
As long as to continue in the vein parents ungrateful and unworthy ", why not indulge (occasionally hears) a slight blackmail style" if you let mom tan quietly lunch time, you will have a double waffle taste "or" go, we go down this green track without grumbling and after we go see how the goats make milk "? It's ugly, certainly, but if everyone does it, it's because it works. (Aurélie, 3 children from 1 to 11 years old)

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