June 10, 2023

Women driving

More prudent women driving 

They are the ones who say it! According to this survey, 57% of women consider themselves more cautious than men driving. And, oh, surprise, 71% of the men surveyed confirm it and admit not having a safer driving than women. Would the incorrigible machos of the road have disappeared?
This driving caution is all the more true when women carry passengers. 76% say they need extra vigilance. It is among the 31-50 years, that one counts the least accident. At least 20 years of age still make progress in this area, since they are involved in twice as many accidents as their elders.

Some offenses anyway!

But be careful, women are still not "saints" at the wheel. 74% of them admit to sometimes exceed the authorized speed and 72% do not hesitate to switch to the orange light. Note that women are fans of the phone while driving, but with a hands-free kit. 83% say they do so only under these conditions. He'll tell you!
Another recognized offense is the occasional forgetfulness of the flashing light for a women on three.

A utilitarian vision of the car

As for the choice of the vehicle, which remains, for the majority of the feminine feminine, the first criterion of purchase is the price, then comes the brand and the consumption. The power of the vehicle is not a priority since it comes in last position.
Only 1% of them see in the car a sign of social success is 5 times less than men.
* TNS Sofres study carried out in July 2006 with 950 people including 500 women regular main drivers.
Photo opener: Micra C + C Nissan

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