July 10, 2020

Your child needs glasses: how to choose them?

The choice of the frame between 0 and 6 years 

- It must be round in shape and taking into account the direction of the child's gaze, which is usually more often directed upwards.
- It must not be too low. She must not rest on her cheekbones whose skin is still fragile.
- It must fit perfectly the shape of the nose to not hurt it.
- The branches of the mount should not compress the temples and not ignite the back of the ears.
- It must have "flex" legs for more flexibility and "monobloc" plastic frames for more resistance. In the playground, the pair of glasses may indeed suffer.

The choice of glasses for 0 to 6 years

We must opt ​​for organic glasses or polycarbonates that are unbreakable. It is necessary to apply a "scratch protection" treatment to increase their lifespan and an antireflection treatment for a better comfort of vision.

The choice of frames from 8/9 years 

Mounts closer to those of adults should be chosen.
The choice of glasses from 8/9 years

You should also opt for an anti-reflective treatment that provides better vision comfort and helps prevent visual fatigue when the child is in front of the computer or television.

The choice of frames from 15/16 years
Theteenager is spoiled for choice between adult frames or teen collections that are usually designed to meet their desires.

The choice of glasses from 15/16 years

Anti-fouling, anti-static and anti-reflective treatments must be considered. Note that lenses can be worn from this age. Attention, it takes an ophthalmological prescription.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses (July 2020)