August 14, 2022

Zen beauty: I tested Chinese medicine and gua sha!

The concept :
Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a holistic principle: the whole body and mind are linked, but above all, this traditional method considers that the body must be treated before it is sick. Its purpose is not to heal in the sense of "heal" but to "take care of". For this, it relies on the use of plants, lifestyle and gymnastics as a tool to balance its energy flow. Body side, acupuncture is his best known practice but the massage Chinese is another important part. Their practice is based on the knowledge of meridians and points: lines through which energy circulates via specific points in connection with internal organs, on which we act through spades or manual pressure, to stimulate them. In conclusion, the idea of massage Chinese is therefore to anticipate diseases by acting on weak areas of the body by means of effleurage, pressure, kneading etc ... along the meridians. It can be accompanied by practices such as cupping or gua sha, two methods to get rid of toxins and avoid the seasonal cold as winter approaches ....

The promise :
The primary objective of the massage is to circulate energy to help all the body's systems work better and thus to avoid getting sick while staying in shape. The massage Chinese is practiced after a diagnosis in order to target the weaknesses of the "patient". It can act on functional disorders, stress, blood circulation, sleep, back pain but also on "small evils" type sinusitis. It is therefore therapeutic but also relaxing and rebalances the energy systems.
The gua sha (a friction with spatulas of massage in horn), aims to get the toxins out of the body to avoid immune weakness and fall ill, but also helps treat some disorders and pain and get rid of cold in a natural way and according to practice ancestral.

The test :
When you arrive at Lanqi, you immediately feel the difference with a spa or a classical institute. More sober but also more "family", the place is cozy but pro. Lanqi, its name, begins with a questionnaire, like a discussion, and everything is sifted: eating habits, lifestyle, treatment, disorders, problems and pains. I explain that I often have ENT problems. She then leaves me in the hands of a masseuse. Point of massage standard or frozen protocol: apart if you do not have a problem in particular, the masseuse will adapt the treatment. As far as I'm concerned, having chosen a massage body, legs, back, arms were kneaded, squeezed, relaxed by a massage deep and slow but toned.
We feel that the gestures are far from being left to chance and that one relaxes differently than during a massage classic relaxing. The relaxation comes from much deeper. Then, to solve my ENT problems involving ear pain, sinusitis and eye strain, the masseuse really insisted on these areas that she decongested until the entrance of the ears. Lanqi then intervened with a plant preparation against sinusitis and inflammation in the form of drops for the nose. A surprising passage and the sensation of a very concentrated potion!

Then, to stop any development of viruses and to regain all my tone, the session of gua sha began. "Gua sha" which literally means "scratch fever" in Chinese, and more generally, "scrape the disease to allow it to escape through the skin" is therefore a treatment based on friction, which consists in rubbing the back to the surface of the skin by scraping with a spatula cow horn to remove toxins from the epidermis. The movement of the spatula back and forth creates a blood flow and the effect is that of a lollipop: the blood is flush under the skin. Far from being pleasant but not painful, the practice is very surprising with a strange feeling of being grated on the back. While traces appear hickey we say that it is for our good ...
At the exit, the impression of zen is total, deep, the body asks to rest and after a good night's sleep, one feels in top form

Our opinion
This is a very convincing technique that must be based on trust. The ideal is to go there regularly to benefit from the basic principles of anticipating the evils. But when it comes to sinusitis, she left with the cold after the session! Without being able to verify that it is at the origin, the benefits are undeniable. One feels extremely well, deeply calm inside, with the impression of starting from scratch: goodbye fatigue, mental and physical, body and mind are connected. And for a price unbeatable in Paris! An excellent address and amazing practices but with convincing results!

In practice :
- Massage body, 1h: 48?
- Massage head + body, 1h30: 68?
- Gua sha: 20min: 30?

Lanqi Institutes of Chinese Medicine 
- 18 rue Beffroy 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Phone: 09 53 58 55 61 or 01 47 38 10 69
- 91 rue de Javel 75015 PARIS
Telephone: 01 45 79 63 67
All info :

For further
An illustrated book to discover the progressive practice of massage Chinese to learn to treat many pathologies, tone the organs, revitalize the body and rebalance the yin and yang.
Initiation to Massage Traditional Chinese, by Yvonne Sendowski, Editions Chariots d'Or

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