August 14, 2022

Zen sports: Pilates, a coach otherwise nothing!

If the Pilates method born in the 20thth century, today knows its hour of glory, it is thanks to the stars such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston who really made it emerge from the shade. As a result, Pilates classes open one after the other in every town in France.

The Pilates method consists of a series of stretches to be performed first on machines using a coach, then with accessories. Stretches performed on machines with straps, elastics or pulleys, allow to work the body and muscles deep. Thus, the silhouette is drawn and especially refined.
"In thirty sessions, a brand new body" said the inventor of this method Joseph Pilates. Following his approach, we find a toned body, look and flexibility.
The Pilates course must include a coach, which explains most of the time its high price. Indeed, it is he who will allow to position well and perform the exercises correctly.

Its benefits:
Pilates develops concentration and coordination. It relieves back pain, reduces stress, improves flexibility and support. In addition, it brings serenity and well-being.
Our advice:
If you are afraid of machines and prefer to work on your abs alone, it may be better to practice another sport.
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