October 25, 2021

Zen sports: the qi gong, between medicine and sporting activity

Qi gong differs from tai chi chuan in the place it gives to "vital energy". The "qi" (pronounce "chi") refers to the flow that flows throughout the body. When it moves badly or gets stuck, it's definitely sick. The goal is to restore a good flow of energy to improve the general health of those who practice it.
A qi gong class is a bit like Tai Chi with its slow movements and stretches. But this discipline also includes exercises of meditation, breathing, and immobile postures to hold for a few minutes. Unlike tai chi chuan, some exercises can be done on the floor.

There are different schools of qi gong. Some favor muscle building, others breathing and still others healing. And that is precisely the real added value of qigong. Through his exercises, this discipline aims to promote self-healing. In France, some hospital units even offer patients to attend qi gong classes to help them recover faster from cancer.

Its benefits:
This sport develops flexibility, soothes, increases concentration. It helps fight against stress and improves general health.
Our advice:
This discipline which is practiced everywhere in France, is particularly aimed at those who want to keep in shape and to act in prevention of certain diseases.
Federation of qigong and energetic arts: //www.federationqigong.com/

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