December 3, 2020

Zen sports: yoga to harmonize body and mind

It's no secret to anyone, yoga is the sport the most popular stars. This Indian philosophy aims by its different exercises to unite the body and the spirit and to find the harmony.
The discipline as it is practiced in France, hatha yoga, is based on the mastery of various postures, breathing exercises and the relaxation. The positions also called "asanas", are characterized by stretching and twisting that solicit the entire body. Regular training allows you to build muscles gently while calming your mind.
As in others sports Zen, there are different schools. Thus, prenatal yoga is especially for pregnant women, yoga vishranta is considered the most gentle and relaxing, and yoga ashtanga is more dynamic combines endurance, strength and flexibility.
No need to be an athlete to start this discipline, just get started. In addition, everyone can practice it.

Its benefits:
Yoga improves flexibility, strengthens the nervous system, relaxes and promotes concentration. In the long run, it helps to settle certain skeletal disorders and promotes a better state of health.
Our advice:
For those who prefer to let off steam, a tour in an Ashtanga yoga class is required. On the program: quick succession of postures more and more complicated. A sport ideal for those who love endurance.
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