January 31, 2023

3 tips for eating well before getting pregnant

Above all, have in mind the ideal Body Mass Index
If officially there is not really an ideal weight to fall pregnantHowever, health organizations advise to have a BMI, a Body Mass Index (weight in kg / height² in meters), ideal. The latter is ideally between 23 and 24 kg / m2, and largely limits the occurrence of problems during the pregnancy when it is reached. Similarly, if the future mother is overweight, it is advisable to lose weight before falling pregnant, to avoid all the worries of diabetes or big baby.

Fill up on vitamins and minerals
In order to have a reserve of the different minerals and vitamins necessary for a good pregnancyit is advisable to follow a balanced diet upstream. It is very common for expectant mothers to suffer from folic acid, iron and iodine deficiency during their pregnancythis is the reason why you should eat properly during "baby trials". Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is found in salads, green vegetables or eggs. Iron, which can cause when there is insufficient anemia or heavy fatigue, is found in red meat or cereals. Another essential element, because its deficiency can cause heavy thyroid problems, iodine is found in particular in the seafood, the milk or the yoghurt. This last element promotes the growth of the embryo.

If necessary, opt for dietary supplements
Some deficiencies can limit fertility in women. Most of the time, a balanced diet can find the right levels of vitamins or iron. But sometimes it is necessary to take dietary supplements prescribed by your doctor to have a chance to fall pregnant. In general, these are supplements in folic acid, iodine, trace elements or even omega 3.

Are You Really Eating for Two? Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy (January 2023)