October 25, 2021

8 foods to eat to help skin tan

To preserve this tanned complexion all summer and to fight against the sunburns, it is necessary to supervise its alimentation. Indeed, some foods will have the effect of helping our skin face sun exposure. So we do not hesitate to make a small cure before a departure on vacation or a weekend to bask on the terrace.

The carrots: it is better to favor the raw carrots to increase their effect, we like them in the form of salad or carrot juice. We do not hesitate to abuse it is the food pro Sun tanning ultimate. Its beta-carotene content allows our complexion to become quickly golden. It is recommended to do a carrot cure a month before departure on vacation for example. There are also beta-carotene capsules in pharmacy for those who do not like carrots.
The apricots These small fruits will have the same effect on the skin as the carrot. The apricots will allow to give a beautiful golden color to our complexion. We think to consume two small apricots in the morning at breakfast, guaranteed result, because beta-carotene has the effect of activating melanin!
Strawberries and cherries: they contain a high content of vitamin C, the latter has the effect of preventing aging of the skin. It does not really help speed up the Sun tanningbut it protects against some effects of the sun. Vitamin C will therefore improve the quality of our skin, our Sun tanning will therefore inevitably be highlighted.
Olive oil: this vegetable oil is rich in vitamin E. We try to use it regularly for cooking our meats or seasoning our salads. It must not be abused. Vitamin E has a healing effect on the skin, which allows the cells to regenerate well and thus slow down the arrival of the first wrinkles.
Eggs: egg yolk is very rich in vitamin A. Try to eat it once or twice a week, before prolonged exposure to the sun. The egg is also rich in minerals, making it an excellent regenerator and invigorating for the skin.
The arugula and chicory: these are bitter taste foods, they have the effect of exerting a refreshing action on our body. They can slightly lower the temperature of our body after sun exposure. So we think to consume at dinner.
Water: it may seem logical, but we tend to forget it by the pool with a mojito between the hands. When one is exposed to the sun, the skin needs to be more hydrated. So we think of drinking regularly glasses of water during the day. Your elasticity is at stake!

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