June 23, 2024

Arab astrology, what is it?

According to'Arabic astrologythe three weapons that an individual possesses symbolize our behavior in the face of life. There are three types of weapons: short, medium and long.
Arab astrology ... a history of arms
The twelve weapons of theArabic astrology are the following: short weapons (knife, dagger, cutlass, Arabic dagger), medium weapons (iron mass, peasant club, ax, chain), long weapons (sword, spear, slingshot, bow)
In Arabic astrology, how to know your birth weapons?
Your birth weapons are determined by three numbers.
The first number, which symbolizes time, corresponds to your astrological sign. It indicates your weapon of predestination.
The second number, which symbolizes the space, corresponds to the number of inhabitants in your city of birth. It's your lucky weapon.
The third number, which corresponds to the social level of your family, is your weapon of descent.
Arabic astrology today ...
If it is easy to know his astrological sign to find his predestination figure, the other two criteria to be taken into account are less obvious. Thus for the number of inhabitants of his city of birth, it is the number of inhabitants that there was the year of his birth. For the parents' profession, it is sometimes necessary to combine the profession of the father and that of the mother, each professional category corresponding to a figure.
TheArabic astrology having an ancient origin, it is necessary to adapt the professional and social professions according to what corresponds best to the present time (both working parents, or temporarily unemployed) ...

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