October 27, 2021

Asian cuisine, new basis of gourmet cuisine

His restaurant is not located in the Chinatown of Paris, and yet Thierry Marx, head of the Mandarin Oriental, could shop there. He does not hesitate to integrate products from Japan especially in his gourmet cuisine. And it is not the only one of the fourteen restaurants awarded three macaroons by the Michelin Guide 2013, twelve serve Japanese cuisine. "Japanese gourmet cuisine is even more creative, more inspired and more inventive than in the pastMichael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin Guides, says that Japan now has more than three-star restaurants in France, which makes you want to be interested.

Because the Asian influence is good. In our kitchens, it allowed the introduction of new cooking methods (the wok or the bamboo steamer basket). And in our recipes, it paves the way for new spices like wasabi, this condiment close to horseradish, and new vegetables like bok choy, a variety of Chinese cabbage, shiitake, the most cultivated mushroom of Asia and yuzu, a lemon-flavored citrus fruit. Black or green algae are also widely used in the preparation of sushi but not only. They are found in salads or soups.

But where we recognize the most Japanese touch, it's in its sauce soy. It allows marinating meat to give them a nice tenderness.
So fashion effect or real trend? When Asia comes to our plates, everyone seems happy.

Will's Gourmet Recipes || Bumbu Genap / Magic Spices of Indonesia (October 2021)