December 1, 2021

Baby Food: Testimonials and tips from moms, grannies and little ones to eat everything!

Children's word: Gaspard 2 ½ years
"Ah, but I want to eat grated carrots if they are good"(Of course they are better at the canteen than here!)
Granny Julie 3 years
"As for my beautiful daughter started to prepare herself purées, I had to put myself in it, while I raised my children in small pots! But as I did not intend to spend my days in the stove I became a specialist in purées frozen: purées Artichoke, green beans, to which I add cream or olive oil. My grandson is asking for more and his mother is happy!"
Juliette, mother of Grégoire 3 ½
"For my son to be happy to sit down to eat, I did as adults, I introduced him to the arts of the table! I did not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I used a lot of Blédina pots and pans. But for all this to remain a party I bet on funny spoons, bowls of all colors in which I mixed different vegetables some of which he did not seem to like, and he saw only fire"
Daphne, mother of Lalo 24 months
"Since my son is very young, I cook in his presence. Now he's even starting to help me wash the vegetables sitting in his high chair with a bowl in front of him. It sure spices up my cooking, but I think this introduction to the joys of preparing a recipe will be a plus for him. Discover the good products, play to make him guess the colors, make him feel the different smells and make him taste the food before cooking is as fun as playing small cars, and in addition I can do two things at the same time !"

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