April 17, 2024

Beautiful winter sports: stop redness on the face

During the first cold, the skin of the face dries and blushes more easily. To keep a beautiful complexion all winter, the motto is: intense hydration.

To get the day off to a good start, trade your make-up removal lotion for a milder, more hydrating milk. Then, to nourish the skin deeply, apply a serum under your day cream by tapping lightly. Buy it from the same brand as your skincare so that moisturizing active ingredients are complementary. And for a radiant face, do not forget to invest in an outline of the eye.

In order to repair the damage caused during the day by the air conditioning, the wind and the cold, bet on a night cream. Your finances do not allow it? In this case, repeat the step serum + face care before going to bed for continued hydration.

Even with this shock treatment, your skin tugs during and after the ski... To limit drying, change your day cream to another, richer. Choose a creamier one and forget about the freezing winter weather, which is lighter and therefore more suitable for the summer season.
And once a month, take the time to apply a regenerating mask based on argan oil or shea butter to find a velvety skin.

Are you spending the next holidays in winter sports? No way to leave without sunscreen, especially since a sunburn can even occur in cloudy weather. Regularly apply a facial treatment with a high sun protection to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How can I stop dry skin? (April 2024)