October 25, 2021

Small breasts: which models of bra to choose?

Small breasts, a nightmare? Not anymore ! A good model will indeed be enough to sublimate your little hats, to feel beautiful and good in your body and thus to restore your self-confidence. Still need to know how to choose ... We are indeed many to hesitate before the many bras presented in stores. Which one to buy? Which one to leave? GirlsFromMainStreet.com asked these questions to two experts in lingerie : Sonia Mancy, responsible lingerie Sun, and Claudie, Manager of the Lise Charmel boutique in Rouen.


Which forms to favor?
- Padded bras, or foam: the two experts agree on this point. These shapes are ideal for small breasts. This will indeed give them a nice curve.
- Volumizing bras or push-ups: Sonia Mancy, responsible lingerie Sun, advises volumizers and push up to those who wish to gain a little in volume.
- The basket bras: Claudie, head of the boutique Lise Charmel de Rouen, also recommends the basket bra, which go up slightly chest. This will go to some forms of breasts. It will therefore be necessary, beforehand, seek advice from the saleswoman to find out if it suits you.
- Triangular bras, headbands or scarves will also go perfectly to small breasts, who do not necessarily want to bring volume to their chest.


What forms to avoid?
- Covering bras are to be avoided, for the simple reason that they will accentuate the small breast effect "instead of sublimate it.The risk to give the impression that your chest floats in your bra .


Regarding materials, everything is allowed. Lace, cotton, polyamide, the whole thing is to feel comfortable, to be comfortable in her bra.


Small bonus: Claudie, Manager of the boutique Lise Charmel de Rouen, gave us some tips to highlight a small chest. She advises "a neckline in the 'Birkin', with a triangle in tulle under a V-neck sweater a little loose". Or "a neckline 'curved' under a fitted shirt, with a padded bra." It's up to you to play the girls!


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