December 1, 2021

Beauty look of the day: Zoe Saldana, romantic chic in London

Radiant. There is no other word. On the red carpet premiere of "Guardians of the Galaxy", this Thursday night in London, Zoe Saldana was, simply, radiant (yes, we know, we repeat). Could it be motherhood, which makes it so beautiful and luminous? Impossible to know, the actress has not yet said anything about it (despite the rumors that have been running for several days). Still, it literally irradiated the red carpet. It must be said that, side make-up and hairstyle, Zoe Saldana had put the package, with a chic romantic beauty look, totally fitting with her dress. The actress had covered her lips with a lipstick glistening fuschia pink, and her cheekbones, a blush just as dapper. Good-looking effect guaranteed!
The actress had then bet on an electric glance, with a combination of coppery and silvery iridescent, which gave depth and brilliance with her eyes, a black piercing. She had also put mascara on her lower and upper lashes. To complete this beauty, very summery, Zoe Saldana had chosen to leave his hair dropped, with some pretty undulations. All, tied in half-ponytail. For a blue flower look, which suited perfectly with his outfit.
The beautiful woman wore, indeed, that evening, a sumptuous long dress, signed Valentino, with plunging neckline. Flared at the waist, it did not allow, however, to see if the actress had, yes or no, the first curves of a pregnant woman. Maligne this Zoe.

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