April 20, 2024

Blake Lively imagines Louboutin for his wedding

The star actress of Gossip Girl confesses in the American edition of Marie Claire. Blake Lively is a fan and unconditional friend of the ladies' favorite shoe, Christian Louboutin. It is rare to see the beautiful blonde paved by another creator. Blake Lively is a true believer even in fashion. It states: " I wonder what shoes Christian (Louboutin) will make me and which fashion house I should choose ».
But there is no need to get excited, because for the moment there is no official date of wedding announced. Blake Lively, in real girl with the soul of child already likes to imagine his look for the day J. wedding it's bound to be a dream, especially when you're new to Ryan Reynols.
Blake Lively so made a little foot call to Louboutin during this interview with Marie Claire. Christian Louboutin can already think of the model that will make dream the one who plays the role of Serena in Gossip Girl.