May 29, 2023

Board games for couples: The Kamasutra

First phase of the game: you launch the blue dice, which determines the mood to create. For example, you can find the 2. Direction to the bathtub, in which you relax for a long time, together, before you sprinkle cold water, to awaken your senses.
Then go to the Shakti phase, which is more hot. Two dice allocate a position to each, a third a zone of the body to be stimulated by caresses, and the last then invites you to get down to business, according to a position of the secular Kama Sutra taken in the booklet provided to you.
You understand, this game for two is clearly intended to spice up your lovemaking.
To vary the pleasures, there are four other games of the same ilk, in the same collection (BrandX): Phantasms, Tarzan + Jane, Cleopatra, Romeo + Juliet and Dream Vibes (sold with a vibrator).
Kama Sutra, Gigamic, 33?

And also :
"Stop taking all the bed!" If you're tired of fighting, every night, for a little space, put it in play, in a game of Border bed. His principle is to gain a few square centimeters to sleep better.
Border bed,, 39,50?

Strand of Jasette is the ideal drag plane. Because this game of Quebec origin allows to better know the other players. Following a series of more or less personal questions, the winner is the one who will be the most - and the better - unveiled. So, if you offer a party to a stranger at a party with friends, you will quickly know a lot about him, and you will also have the opportunity to show him how wonderful you are.
Sprig of Jasette, Gigamic, 19,90?

Bower's Game Corner: Kamasutra Review (May 2023)