April 19, 2024

Care of the Day: Oskia Renaissance Moisturizing Mask

In hibernation, our skin needs nourishing active ingredients and anti wrinkle to regain all its brilliance. After a long period of cold, let's get a facelift! We let ourselves be invaded by the sweet scents of this moisturizing mask papaya enzymes, lactic acid and watercress from the Swiss plains. The ingredients of choice to give you a glowing pink complexion of health! So, who is it going to change before spring?

OSKIA products contain a complete diet of essential nutrients for cells - vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and omegas. This moisturizing mask, creamy and nourishing, stimulates the renewal of the cells while delicately cleaning the surface of the skin. The tired complexion is awake, it finds all its light.


Price: 65? the pot of 50ml. Available at Bon Marché in Paris

All the information on the range: www.beautypod.fr

OSKIA | Renaissance Mask REVIEW + DEMO | Beck Wynta (April 2024)