May 28, 2024

CDs that we listened in a loop

Let me introduce my friends, from I'm from Barcelona
I'm from Barcelona is a completely crazy Swedish band that, in the form of a choir, makes rock music. A real happiness that puts a very good mood!
Virgin UK, 17.84?

Resumption of negotiations, Bénabar
I saw him in concert, and he was great: a real clown! He improvises, he's funny, and he shares a lot with the audience. His album is excellent, especially because it covers all subjects: the photos that everyone takes; Brussels, which he wants to offer to the one he loves; or a house that has seen a whole family go by. Each time, he shows humor and poetry.
Jive, 10.50?

Secret Garden, by Axelle Red
The singer wanted this album more cheerful and lighter than the previous ones. The melodies are bright and the texts address everyday topics. I listen to it in a loop in my car, including the song "Pearls of rain".
Virgin, 17.88?

His musical style, Django Reinhardt, I like very much. A little gypsy jazz, funny words and simply written ... with him, no depression! I'm going to see him in January, and I can not wait anymore: I feel like it's an eternity.
Sony, 15.80?

15 Again, from Cassius
The last album Cassius is a pure bomb. His electro music, with house style, is in the vein of Daft Punk. In addition, it is a French group, which is rare enough to notice!
Virgin, 17.88?

Friendly Fire, by Sean Lennon
Worthy son of his father, Sean Lennon signed a last album gloss. Full of heady songs, superb melodies, all in a universe that alternates between soft rock and romanticism.
EMI, 15.70?

5:55 AM, by Charlotte Gainsbourg
The more I listen to it, the more I love it. It is a real hibernation CD, ideal for relaxation, pampering and well-being.
Because, 15,77?

An Other Cup, by Yusuf (Islam)
Cat Stevens is back. After 29 years of absence, he offers us a disk where we find all the talent of the artist. Sweet melodies, a mature voice, more sure of her. I'm crazy about Cat Stevens: that would be one of his discs that I would bring to a desert island. The stake was all the greater because the waiting, immense. Yusuf-Cat did not disappoint me, on the contrary, I love him even more!
Ya Records, Az, 17? about

What am I doing here ? From Philos
Melodic and rhythmic, rock, but borrowing from classical, reggae or ska, the music of Philos is simple and catchy. Text side, no complaints: well written, his songs are committed and sincere, inspired by Brel or Gainsbourg. His discovery, for me, was a very good surprise this fall.
O + Music, 22.26?

Noon 20, from Grand Corps Malade
A lot of things have already been said about him, but I was very touched by his writing. For example, I found "Traveling by train" very moving. Obviously, you have to know "stop" to appreciate this albumbecause the texts are very dense. That's not a disk atmosphere ... the lyrics are beautiful, so it's worth taking the time to listen. In addition, he says smart things this boy ...
Az., 13?

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