April 20, 2024

Choose your pants

In terms of trousers, do not be fashion victim : Avoid sacrificing style in vogue if it makes you look pudgy! To find the trousers ideal that will highlight your assets and hide your imperfections, you must take into account your silhouette
You have a narrow pelvis, long legs and plump buttocks: the trousers wide high waisted is for you. A fluid and elegant fabric will highlight your camber.

You have a thin and small silhouette, hips, but not buttocks:prefer a trousers right to high waist and avoid too tight models. If you choose a trousers wider, wear it with high heels.

You have some roundness on the hips and thighs: opt for a trousers straight with pliers, equipped with diagonal pockets to refine your silhouette. Avoid brightly colored patterns and stretch fabrics that weigh visually.

You are tall and thin:without superfluous curves at strategic locations, try the trousers "legs of ef" of the seventies, to wear with boots with heels.
Our advice
Your silhouette is perfect with long legs? Why not opt ​​for leggings? You wear them under long tunics or flowing dresses, with high heels.

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