October 27, 2021

Christmas Starter with Christmas Beer: Oysters in Beer Foam, Ginger and Orange Zest, Winkles with Star Anise Mayonnaise

Recipe Christmas for 4 people by Sonia Ezgulian: Oysters in beer froth, ginger and orange zest, winkles with star anise mayonnaise.

- 8 oysters of Isigny,
- 300 g cooked periwinkles,
- 4 tbsp. Beer of beer Christmas,
- 2 stars of badiane,
- 1/3 of the zest of an orange,
- 1 C. chopped fresh ginger,
- 150g homemade or already prepared mayonnaise

In a mortar, reduce the two star anise stars to a powder, add them to the mayonnaise and keep everything cool.

In a bowl, mix the beer of Christmas with chopped ginger and orange zest very finely chopped.
Give a pepper mill tour and reserve in a cool place.

Open the oysters and arrange them on the plates, add a teaspoon of beer marinade in each oyster.

Add the cooked periwinkles with a small cup of mayonnaise with star anise.

Treat yourself !

Cuisine of the United States | Wikipedia audio article (October 2021)